Living Doll

Today I decided to die.

I will now be reincarnated as a mannequin named Chin Goo. If Chin Goo has any problems please take care of her but let her find her own way in this world. I can help her too but many minds are better than mine.

I am excited about my new life. I want to be the best human I can be. I want to live starting from today.

Please dont be sad.

I am still here but I am different than before.

I hope you will accept me.

RIP Jeannette.  Chin Goo be alive.

Korea for Dummies

Chapter one

Hello. My name is Chin Goo. I am a dummy or as I prefer to be called these days, a dress mannequin.

Before I go any further I’ll start with telling you a little bit about my background. I hope you won’t find it boring.

I originally come from North Korea which is above South Korea. I was born in the capital, Pyeongyang in a small factory and sold to a man who had a little shop in an alley next to a  fabric shop . I was very young at that time so my memories of this period are a little unclear. There were a lot of problems because North Korea didnt want to be friends with other countries. I do not know why because i am a dummy. People who speak, think and feel seem to have a lot of problems. I am lucky that I am…

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They call me Chin-goo because chin-goo means friend.

They call me Chin-goo because chin-goo means friend..

10 signs you are OFF YOUR FLAMIN KIM-CHI

1) You spend your birthday at the rubbish tip playing project runway.

2) You walk a rabbit on a cat’s lead but rabbit is not your pet.

3) You free  an injured dog from a cage and then lose it on the way to the vet.

4) You relate to the people in mental hospital movies  but only the really crazy ones.

5) You become a Super Hero (See #8) and plan to write a book about your adventures.

6) Suddenly you get a tattoo having never wanted one before. You believe it may have special powers and zap students with it when they are not looking.

7) Your best friend is a headless dress dummy called          Chin-goo.

8) You feel like North Korea is an issue only “Korea Woman” can solve.

9) You go to the doctor and expect them to see the craziness right away and get frustrated when they don’t.

10) You feel like it might be an interesting experience to see the inside of a Korean mental hospital and wonder if they

have a karaoke room and spa. You also wonder if it would make an interesting article for “Groove magazine.”

April fool!

April fool!.

Living and working in Cambodia

Living and working in Cambodia.

Thai Curry in Korea

I’ve always been super intimidated by Indian cooking.  Before visiting the country, it was hard to get a real grasp on kormas versus koftas, and dosas and dal. Something about the foreign charm of ghee and cardamom kept my kitchen rather bland and the Indian restaurant well patronized.

In attempts to discover something outside of my standard tikka masala,  I’d time my visits to the lunch hour so as to sample the buffet.  The real deal clincher was the continual output of fresh naan bread, washed down with pitchers of mango lassi.  Needless to say, my lack of self-discipline quickly confirmed a ticket on the fast train to uncomfortably full. Not to mention the fast train to porcelain heaven.

Subsequently, with my mother at my side, we staged a personal intervention and put a ban on ever again going all-you-can-eat.  It was just toooo delicious.  When we found ourselves in the restaurant alongside buffet buccaneers, we simply had to breathe deeply and look the other way.  Our fate…

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